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Last year I purchased a home in the triangle that has 3 windows that are in a 2nd story open living room.  The problem is I can’t easily reach them and thought it would be too expensive to order motorized shades.  The only alternative was to professionally install window film.  I chose a darker film and it certainly cut down the amount of glare but there is still a tremendous amount of heat coming through.  What would your recommend in this scenario?

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Doug. M


There are so many great window films out on the market and sometimes they improve the situation but are not a clear cut solution as you have experienced.  Hunter Douglas offers different types of motorization.  You can hard wire, use battery power or simply plug into an outlet.  The battery powered or PowerRise is the most popular solution for post construction.  Installation is straightforward with no cutting sheetrock and the cost is surprisingly reasonable, $300-$400 to motorize plus the cost of the shade.  The new PowerRise system uses radio frequency that makes operating groups of shades simple and from much further distances than infrared.  Almost all of the motorized products from Hunter Douglas roll up nice and neatly so you can control the amount of light while keeping the view.  In addition, you will notice a difference in your heating and air conditioning bills not to mention the flooring, rugs, artwork and furniture will be further protected from the sun.

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