Intex Design Launches New Website

Today marks a very important date not only for Intex Design but for its past, current and future clientele.

Our new site will utilize various new media tools that will enable you to easily educate yourself on the rapidly changing industry of window coverings.  We plan to offer real time up to date promotions and rebates offered through our vendors to save you money.  In addition Intex Design will use the Blog section of our site and sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr to discuss new technologies in motorization, advancements in product lines and post details of most current projects.

Next, We are excited to utilize a portion of this blog to address questions or comments relating to window coverings.  Have an odd sized or hard to reach window and not sure of a good solution?  No problem, email us and we will help you solve it.  Have a specific question for example product or warranty related?  We are here to serve you.