Woven Woods are Back!

Natural bamboo, grasses and reeds are making their way back into the home.  Woven wood shades are the perfect compliment to almost any room. With hundreds of different materials available it makes them extremely versatile.

We have matched kitchen cabinets, hardwood floors and even stained doors. Wovens are great in bathrooms to create a spa like setting. A lining with different opacities on the back side of the shade can be added for several reasons:

  • If you want to achieve a uniform appearance from the exterior of your home.
  • You can choose an opaque lining letting in little to no light for rooms such as media, bedrooms and nurseries.
  • With out the lining, we have used them on stained front doors that have glass. ¬†The customer wants privacy but a product that matches closely to the stained door and looks good from the exterior.

Have a look at photos of Woven Woods installs from our comprehensive Portfolio.

Woven woods come in many different colors, textures and styles. These shades are moderately priced and give a great finishing touch to almost any space. Call today for details on our current Woven Wood promotions.