Gypsy Shiny Diner Project

When we were asked to help improve the best diner in town we gladly accepted the challenge. The goal was to update the partially broken and non-functional mini blinds with a newer design and a more durable product. The product could not confuse customers in thinking the diner was closed when they were in the down position. On the interior, the shades would have to reduce the glare while being able to see outside.

Roller shades seem to be the “Go To” product when we need a super durable and easy to use commercial shade. The diner itself is not very large. We choose a solid charcoal fabric that had a 14% openness weave. This choice seemed to bring the outside in. The shades seem to work very well in a 50’s themed diner whether your enjoying an early morning cup of coffee or a late night dessert. The window trim is finished in a brushed aluminum and so choosing a matching fascia cover simplified the entire design.

The bottom line is that these shades require very little maintenance , are easy to operate and give high traffic areas many years of good use all coming in at a reasonable price.

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